Reed Diffusers

It's easy to see why this is my most popular product.

  • Custom made for you
  • Design your own to match your home decor
  • A flameless alternative to great home fragrance.
  • Scent lasts 4-6 months plus
  • High quality fragrance oils at high percentages, so they won't disappoint

Simply choose your fragrance from the list below. 

Most of our fragrances match well known luxury fragrances, these have been the most popular with customers so far. They are a great idea as gifts as you can match the reed fragrance to a person's favorite perfume. This idea is also a perfect one for a wedding party too.

Next choose your bottle colour,

Here you can custom make your reed diffuser to match your home decor, you can choose from Gloss white, this is a beautiful high gloss finish, a perfect look for the minimalist or the beautique look. Gloss Black is another beautifully high gloss finish and very popular in W/C's and bathrooms. Then we have clear option, the classic look for a reed diffuser that will fit into any room in any home. 

Lastly choose your topper color. 

The perfect way to finish the design, this is the bit that ties the look together to suit your home decor. Silver is a very popular choice, you can understand why when a lot of home items are mirrored and chrome, it's makes for a great compliment in cool coloured rooms. Rose gold is also very popular, it's very classy and close to copper which is a very popular home decor colour trending at the moment. Gold is very classic suiting those with warm coloured rooms and gold accessories. Then we have black a great look to match you home decor and for teenagers, it neutral and looks stunning with matching black reeds. On that note we choose the reeds to match the colours you have chosen. We then finish the look with a ribbon that matches the colour of your chosen topper. Please refer to the photos for the finished look.

We have taken great care to provide high quality components that come together to make a beautiful item that will look stunning in any setting. A big part of that is that the items are sustainable.

When your reed is empty, don't simply discard it, its beautiful! You can now refill and reuse it, giving you that sustainable option, that is also great value for money too. 

I hope you enjoy putting your custom reed diffuser together and enjoy months of fabulous aroma.