SHR Laser Hair Removal

What it SHR

It is a safe and more pain free alternative to traditional laser. It offers quicker and safer results. Using infrared and Light to heat the base of the follicle to 45 degrees to kill off the hair. Multiple sessions are required. We advise a minimum of 10. Some hair types can get results in as little as 6 sessions, however most people 10 is more likely, for this reason there is a course of 10 available at a discounted rate.

Who can benefit from SHR?

Most hair types can benefit from SHR with the exception of very fair and hair with auburn pigment. This hair type takes many many sessions to achieve results and so other hair removal treatments may be more suitable.

Is It Pain Free?

While it is more comfortable than traditional lasers there is a small amount of discomfort when getting to the right temperature.

Does Dead Really Mean Dead?

Absolutely! When a hair is killed off it is dead and won't return. However through hormonal processes we can wake up new dormant hair follicles. For this reason when you have finished your course, expect to need 1-3 treatments every 6-12 months, typically it will be every 12 months.

Please note a consultation and patch test is required before treatment, to ensure suitability. 

Patch Test Required 48 hrs prior FREE
Small Area - Lip or Chin every 2 weeks £35
Course of 6 £200
Medium Area - Lip & Chin every 2 weeks £45
Course of 6 £250
Medium - Bikini or Under Arm every 4 weeks £45
Course of 6 £250

Large Area - Brazilian, Forearm, 1/2 leg, Upper Back or Upper Chest

every 4 weeks £75
Course of 6 £410
X-Large Area - Full Leg, Full Back, Full Chest every 4 weeks £115
Course of 6 £640
XXL Area Package - Full Beard, Neck Line, Mono Brow & Ears £130
Course of 6 every 2 weeks £700