Safety Guide

Tips to help you get the most from your products. 

Always read your safety label on the bottom of your product before use.


Place your candle on an even, heat resistant surface. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Trim your wick before each burn, trim to around 1/4 inch, this includes the first burn, unless your candles have small wax melts in the top, these need a longer wick, care has been taken already to ensure the wick is at the right length.  When trimming use a wick trimmer and remove any carbon bits that will affect the quality of the candle. If using more than one candle make sure there is at least 10 cm between each candle. Never leave a lit candle unattended. Do not place near a draft or near other flammable items such as liquids, fabric and other heat sources. Do not move the candle while in use or with a melt pool, leave to cool before moving.

Burn for correct time, this will depend on the size of your vessel, but generally 2 hours or until you have a full melt pool (melted wax from edge to edge) and about 1 cm deep, no more. Then snuff out. Let the candle solidify and rest for at least 4 hours before you light again. In between burns you can always use a room spray or reed diffuser if you like to have a constant aroma.

Never let a candle burn constantly or for more that 4 hours, this creates too much heat and can be dangerous.

When it's done! Your candle is finished for use when you have about 1 cm left in the container vessel, scoop out the contents and discard in the bin. Do not flush down the loo or pour down the sink, this will block your drain, always discard in the bin. 

To remove all wax to reuse your vessel, part fill a sink or bowl with hot water, place the container in the water, do not allow the water to get inside the container. The heat will melt the wax residue, you can then wipe out with a paper towel and throw away. Once you have removed all you can, then wash in hot soapy water. If you would like to reuse for your herbs and spices or as a drinking glass you might like to wash with boiling water a few times to remove the fragrance and sterilise the tin/glass before use.

Please note, fragrance oils are not suitable for aquatic life, this is why discarding your leftover wax into the bin is also important.

Now the fun part, deciding on a new fragrance to enjoy and fill your home with beautiful aroma.


Your reeds are fibrous, they hold the fragrance oil very well up to the top, this means you do not need to turn them. However when you refill your reed bottle you will need to replace them to ensure you get a good scent and they do not become clogged.

Flammable liquid - Do Not Light or Ignite!  Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Fragrance oils in reeds are more concentrated than in candles and melt, care needs to be taken when handling them. Always wear gloves when handling the reeds. Take care not to spill the reed oil, this may mark/damage your surface and or take off paint or varnish etc. If you suffer with sensitivity due to some fragrances make sure you place your reed in a large room so that it is well ventilated, that way you can still enjoy the fragrance.

When it's done! your scent will lessen and you won't have much left in your reed diffuser bottle as the oil evaporates. Now is the time to refill. You will need new reeds, even if you choose to stick to the same fragrance oil. We also have small reed funnels to assist you. If you are sticking to the same fragrance no need to wash out. If you are changing your fragrance pour the remaining amount into some paper towel and throw away in a bin, fragrance oils are not suitable for aquatic life and so please do not flush or pour down the skin. You can also twizzle some paper towel to push into the reed bottle to remove as much as you can. Do not wash out! you don't need to, as long as you have removed as much as you can the new fragrance oil will overpower any tiny residue that you were unable to remove. 

Now is the fun part, deciding on your new fragrance to fill your room with wonderful aroma!



Remove from packaging and place the correct amount into your melt burner, this depends on the burner and the size of the melts, refer to your packaging for correct amount. Use an unscented tealight if using a burner, you can also use electric burners with our melts.

Do not add water or oil to your melt, they are made will the correct amount of fragrance oil to give the best scent throw. 

Never leave a lit candle unattended. Do not move while you have a lit tea light or melted wax. Always leave to cool before moving.

When it's done! The scent will diminish, your wax will remain.To remove wax when the scent has gone, heat a little and it will pop out of the dish with a small push.

Now pop a new fragrance in and enjoy wonderful aroma throughout your home.


Care has been taken to ensure that the packaging is recycled, recyclable, reusable or repurposed. Please help us keep our country beautiful by following our ethos.