Cryosurgery is the removal of small unwanted benign lesions. 

Using Nitrous oxcide the lesions are frozen for a 3-7 seconds for 3-4 times depending on the lesions type and size.


Treatment fees are from £50

The skin lesions treatable are:

Skin Tags (3-4 in £50 cost)

Cherry Angiomas

Warts / Papiloma's and Verruca's

Sun spots / Age spots / Liver spots

Seborrheic Keratosis (thick scally age spots)

Melasma - pigmentation patches


Small Moles - Please note you need to get your mole checked by your GP to make sure it is benign.


Is the treatment painful?

No the treatment is not painful. When freeze the lesion the sensation is more of a sting. Much like going into the freezer with wet hands. It only lasts a few seconds while the lesions is being frozen.

What will the treated area look like after treatment?

The visual effects depend on the type of lesion being treated. Skin tags for example are frozen at the base where it attaches to the skin. This cuts off the circulation so that the skin tag dies and falls off. The usually swell a little, turn black and fall off in about a week depending on the size. 

Age spots and pigmentation blister, harden up or scab over slightly before sliding off. 

Please note for face and for exposed skin an SPF is highly recommended to protect the new skin under the area when the lesion falls off.

An in depth consultation will be carried out before your treatment where you will also have ample time to ask more questions if you need to.