Wax Melts

It is our passion making our products as luxury and eco freindly as possible, evoking memories or creating new ones.

Our wax melts are made with sustainabley sourced superior soy wax. Our frangrances are vegan freindly and essential oils are sourced with sustainability in mind.

The wax melts are 85g - 90g making them last longer than your average snap bar, or deli pot, giving you much more time to enjoy the wonderful scents in your home or work place.

Did you know all of our products are also pet freindly? A huge worry for a lot of people is now no worry at all.

We use biodegradable glitter, making desposing of your wax no problem at all.

Lastly we are delighted that our packaging is now completely plastic free!

How to use your wax melts:

Take a one or two pieces and place into your electric or t-light burner. Light the t-light ensuring 10cm from the flame to the bottom if the dish. if this is less then your burner is for oil and water and not wax. The 10cm gap is important for a safe burn. If less then you run the risk of the wax getting too hot and spitting out.

Enjoy untill the fragrance is no longer releasing, then let the wax solidify and remove by lighting the t-light or switching on for 10-30 seconds, then press the wax to the side and it should pop out. Now your ready for a fresh scent or more of the same.

You should get a good 8 - 14 hours of scent from one or two pieces. giving you 24-32 hours from the whole block.