Signature Facials

Proudly partnering with Germaine De Capuccini.

A innovative, results driven luxurious award winning advanced skin care brand.

When booking in for a facial with Davina you come to realise that a facial isn't just a facial. It is a full skin & well-being experience.

The facial you experience will depend on what your skin needs.

Treatment Types & Fees

Treatment Consultation 30 mins £20 

Skin Peels

Your skin will be assessed to see which acid your skin needs. This may be:

AOX Clinical Peeling System - For all skin types

Glycolic - 50%          - Anti Ageing & Pigmentation

Mandelic - 40%        - Sensitive Skin &  Rosacea

Salicylic & Azelaic   - Acne Skin

Lactic Acid - 50%  - For Sensitive & Dry Skin

45 mins £55

Course of 6 Skin Peels taken every 2 weeks

Signature Express Treatments

Initial Consultation with express facial & Mini Take Home Kit

60 mins £65


Manual express facial with my signature full length massage for that time busting pick me up

30 mins £45


Electrical express facial working deep within the skin with SSR Laser, for collagen, pigmentation, flaccidity, acne

30 mins £45
Signature Facials 


InSPArations Signature Spa

A luxury facial including a PHA skin peel & advanced Germaine De Capuccini treatment, combined with my signature protocols & massage techniques to revive the face & body. With a head, hand & arm massage.

60 mins


Cosmetic Acupuncture

An exceptional treatment to lift tighten & tone the muscles on the face. A course or 6 is recommended to start with.

75 mins £99

Expert Micro-Needling

Not all micro-needling experiences are the same. I work on every single part of the skin on your face & neck, providing an indepth meticulous cross hatch treatment to ensure the very best outcome & results. An 8 step facial & includes a cleanse/tone, skin peel, advanced skin serum, micro-needling to full face &  neck, face mask, face balm & spf to finish. Please note,  for the very best results prep & aftercare is essential. See Expert Micro-needling page for more information.

75 mins £130
Add On Services
Expert Eye & Lip Add On 15 mins £15
Bionic Peel 15 mins £15
Deeping Peel - allows for extraction 20 mins £15
Reflexology 15 mins  £15

Signature Facial Packages

All Packages start with full body brush to kick start the lymphatic system & a mini back massage. My signature protocols & massage techniques to provide lifting, tightening & toning of the skin, face & muscles. Then choose either Reiki or Reflexology & crystals while your face mask is in place. A take home Reiki Crystal Candle to match your experience to keep your treatment experience going while at home.


 An anti anxiety/stress busting package incorporating ear seeds working on the whole body to create calm & balance to the mind.

90 mins £111


A relaxing & calming blissful package incorporating tuning forks to balance the frequencies of the body to restore a sense of peace and calm.


90 mins



An advanced skin package to give the skin a restart, & induce new collage as well as to lift, plump & refresh the tissues, incorporating, auricular acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture & expert micro-needling


120 mins


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