Fat Dissolve Injections

Lipolab & Lipo Lab V Line sollutions. Both are non-surgical solutions to reduce stubborn pockets of fat. Areas that healthy eating and exercise alone won't shift on there own. Fat dissolve is a solution for body contouring and not as a weight loss aid.


Why Lipolab?

I have chosen Lipolab at it contains more active ingredients than other fat dissolving solutions and is also less painful.  

Areas such as the chin, upper arms, back bra fat, stomach and inner, buffalo hump and outer thighs all work well with both Lipolab.

Both solutions work by disrupting the fat cell membrane allowing the contents to spill out, destroying that fat cell. The lymphatic system will then remove the waste.

Results are permanent as long as through unhealthy habits new fat cells are not laid down.

The treatment process is:

The area to be treated is marked up and then injected. We then massage the skin a little to aid absorption of the product.

After care:

The injected area after treatment can be itchy, red, swollen and tender or touch sensitive, bruising is also possible. These symptoms can last from a few days to a week. The sensitivity to touch can last longer.

How many treatments do I need?

This will depend on the area itself, small areas 1- 4 treatments are likely. with larger areas 4 - 8.

Why not add on a B Complex IM Injection?

B Complex is a fat metabolising solution and aids in the elimination process giving better results.

Prices Per Treatment:



Price With

B Complex IM Injection (usually £55)

Chin Area

£80 £115
Upper Arms £150 £185
Bra Back Fat £150 £185
Love handles £150 £185
Muffin Top £150 £185
Full Stomach £250 £285
Inner/Outer Thighs £200 £235