Expert Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is the best solution to add into most routines depending on your skin type.

It can be used for overall skin rejuvenation, age reversal, as well as to support plasma treatments and to remove stretch marks and scaring. Please note for stretch marks and scar removal depending on personal expectations 5-10 treatments may be required.

Why skin needling, what does it do for your skin?

Micro-needling works by creating thousands of micro channels or micro injuries, this kicks the skin into repair mode, firstly producing growth factors which are key in cell production. Then forming fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastin structures, which thicken the skin, plum out lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, reduce pigmentation, reduce scaring, reduce pore size, bring blood circulation to the skin for a brighter more toned complexion.

This treatment starts with a cleanse and tone, then a skin peel, moving onto a very precise complex and thorough mapping of the skin and skin needling protocol, this ensures that every area of he skin is covered and treated a number of times. A face and neck mask and protective balm then complete the treatment. 

This treatment suits all skin types with the exception of active acne. For best results enjoy a course of 6 taken every 2 weeks, then monthly or quarterly maintenance.

Please note:

When embarking on advanced skin treatment that are more invasive that general facials. An SPF 50 and a supplementation pack is required in order to achieve the best results.

When booking a course of x4 treatments your SPF 50 and your supplementation pack for your first month is included in the price. 

A full consultation is required.

Commonly asked questions!

Will results be instant?

Yes there will be instant results, the skin will look rejuvenated and will feel stimulated. For optimum results supplementation and a course of treatment is required. All results are accumulative and increase over time having regular treatment.

Will it hurt?

No the sensation of needling is more like a gentle scratching to the skin. It is not unpleasant and most people still find the process somewhat relaxing.

Will there be down time & will I need time to recover?

No there is no down time. Your skin will look pinkish and stimulated as I like to call it. This will last a matter of hours and should calm down. You will not need time off work and will be able to do most activities after. with the exception to exercise.

What is the time between treatment?

For best results you can enjoy a needling treatment every 2 week for a course of 4. after that you can enjoy a treatment ever 4 weeks.

Initial Consultation

60 mins £65 - includes an express facial & mini home care skin kit

Single Treatment

90 mins £130
 Course Of 4 taken x2 weekly 90 mins £600 - save £60

Scar Removal 

small area per treatment

15 mins From £75

Scar Removal

Large Area

30 mins From £150

Stretch Marks

Single Treatment

30 mins From £150