Green Jasper Bead Bracelet
Green Jasper Bead Bracelet
Ancient Wisdom

Green Jasper Bead Bracelet

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Green Jasper heals and balances, it helps to release from obsession and depression, it helps to detoxify the systems of the body and boost the immune system. It also helps to dispel bloating. A great stone to wear for insomnia too.

Wear every day to get the benefits from this fabulous stone.

Crystals need care in order to work their best for you. 

Be sure to cleanse your crystals once a month, this can be done in a himalayan salt bath (dry salt to cover the crystals, leave for 24hrs then brush and rinse off

Then they need to be recharged, this is done by giving them a full cycle of sun and moon light, just pop them on a windowsill that gets good exposure for 24 hrs.

They will then be good to use again and enjoy.

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