Needle Free Lip Filler

What Is Needle Free Lip Filler

Needle free lip filler is the distribution of dermal filler product into the lip area to create a fuller shape all without needles.

Does It Hurt?

No needles means much less pain that the needle version of lip filler.

I Don't Want Massive Lips!

No problem. Your treatment will be tailored to your needs. Using a number of different techniques we can create the look you prefer.

I specialise in a more natural approach and finish that enhances the face and gives an anti ageing affect. 

My Lips are uneven & I just Want To Even Them Out!

No problem at all. Your lips will be assessed to see what technique will suit you best. Adding more filler to either the top or bottom lip is not a problem.

How Long Will They Last?

As long as you follow the after care, your fuller lips will last you around 3 months before you need a top up.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


 Treatment Filler Amount Price
Lip Filler 1ml £160
Lip Filler Top Up - within 3 month 0.5ml £95